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    Have you looked at Dhall? It looks like it could solve a lot of the problems you’re doing.

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      Oh yes. There are many good configuration languages like Dhall, Jsonnet, Hocon or Cue. Yglu is targeted to those sticking to YAML by choice or not. It is easier to introduce into an existing YAML codebase. Also it simplifies reuse of YAML snippets found in examples and litterature. If you can choose and afford another configuration to generate the YAML from, choose one of the aforementioned languages. If not, you want something like Yglu.

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      I love that type of solution that only somebody knowing the finer details of the technology (YAML in that case) could come up with. It’s a form of combined cleverness and mastery. It’s both beautiful and terrible hackery in some ways. <3

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        Thanks for the compliment. I also don’t really know if I am abusing YAML features or leveraging its power. Tags were certainly not thought for such things but fact is that it actually made the implementation quite easy since I could rely on an existing parser.