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    About that arm64/aarch64 TIER 1 case …

    This will kinda help you:


    Description from the page itself:

    up.bsd.lv is a proof-of-concept of binary updates using freebsd-update(8) for FreeBSD 13.0-CURRENT and 12-STABLE to facilitate the exhaustive testing of FreeBSD and the bhyve hypervisor and OpenZFS 2.0, and to help elevate ARM64 to Tier 1 status. Updates are based on the SVN revisions of official FreeBSD Release Engineering weekly snapshots.


    • Kernels are built with the GENERIC-NODEBUG configuration file

    • /etc/freebsd-update.conf is modified to use up.bsd.lv

    • /usr/sbin/freebsd-update is modified to “xargs” parallel phttpget (Thank you Allan Jude)

    • freebsd-update(8) does not output to the $PAGER

    Hope that helps.


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      Thank you! m(_ _)m

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        This looks really useful. Thanks!

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        o 13.0-BETA1 aarch64 ROCKPRO64

        Can’t wait to try this out!

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          I am running alpha on my rockpro64 and it works great!

          I have only two concerns:

          • Lack of support for freebsd-update. I hope this will work on the release but arm64 remains Tier 2…

          This may be because upgrading from this platform (arm64) or release (13.0-ALPHA2) is unsupported by freebsd-update. Only platforms with Tier 1 support can be upgraded by freebsd-update.

          • Lack of 4K HDMI output

          uboot shows the output but the kernel doesn’t boot.

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            This is so encouraging to hear! I’m currently using a $30 AliExpress LCD for the Rockpro64 that maxes out at 1024x600 so the lack of 4K doesn’t bother me at all.

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              Success! Took me a little bit of digging to feel comfortable enough replacing Linux on the eMMC but it’s all worked great. Really pleased to see this coming up via U-Boot’s EFI support.

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            Is there a good document somewhere which discusses the upcoming feature in FreeBSD 13? I had a look the other day but couldn’t find anything that was particularly comprehensive.

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              I’ve not found anything good, but eventually the release notes will have more detail. The most useful summary I’ve found so far is these notes from a devsummit in April 2020.

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              13.0-BETA1 aarch64 RPI

              Does anyone know whether this includes the Raspberry Pi 4?

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                Yes. See for notes: https://wiki.freebsd.org/arm/Raspberry%20Pi

                Also some comments here that may still be relevant if you have an 8GB model: < https://medium.com/swlh/freebsd-usb-boot-on-raspberry-pi-4-765cb6e75570>