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    Node.js is Cancer (2011) javascript nodejs rant widgetsandshit.com

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    I disagree wholly with the other commenter.

    While I hope this is not an application of Poe’s Law, I agree that Node is a cancer on the programming community that needs to die. Hands down the biggest case of Square Peg, Round Hole in the history of computer programming.


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      You can agree with the broad premise of the article while also agreeing it’s not a good article.

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        I think its a fine article. He provide examples and sources and makes good points. Yes it is an opinion piece, and yes he uses inflammatory language, but if you let that get to you, it is too bad because you miss out.

        JavaScript has its purpose: it is only a problem when people try to make it something it is not and never will be, a systems language. Even with TypeScript it is not meant for low level programming. This is made even more obvious with the ability to compile Rust into Wasm. So now you have some proper languages that can be used in and out of the browser, and JavaScript should not be in that list. The browser sandbox exists for a reason.

        The whole situation just smacks of people who grew up with client side JavaScript, and never wanted to learn any other language. Instead of learning a proper server side or systems language like PHP, Python, C#, they decided it is a good idea to use JavaScript for everything.

        When you start with Linux perhaps you learn shell scripting. You might even branch into Awk scripting. But eventually you realize the limitations and you move to Perl or Python. You dont create a project and entire community in order to expand and proliferate shell scripting. It is not needed as other languages have already solved the shortcomings of shell scripting, and it is not appropriate because each language has its own domain.

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      Ted Dzubia is a troll and his inflammatory and insulting articles have no business on this site. Also, given the worldwide popularity and utility of node, it’s safe to say he’s been proven wrong.

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        Fun fact, he’s running for CA state senate now.

        I briefly interacted with him online during the heyday of Uncov, which was a bit like N-gate (neither which ever reach the heights NTK used to scale).

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        Referring to things you don’t like as “cancer” is cancer. 😹

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          This was posted before and it’s still a bad article. I can’t tell if people are upvoting it because they agree with it or because they are laughing at it.

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            Yes it’s a flaming rubbish fire.

            I’ve helped build, deploy, and debug large scale systems built chiefly on top of Node. Node, like all programming systems, has upsides and downsides.

            I take particular issue with the idea that CGI was some architectural high point. Or the idea that it’s laughable that a process might speak HTTP directly – surely we’ve now seen any number of other systems (Go, Rust, etc) where people are doing exactly the same thing to great effect.

            It’s fine not to like JS, and it’s fine to want to avoid it, but this article is not a useful tool in evaluating anything other than Ted.

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