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    This particular post is kind-of a fictional post-mortem which I feel might be topical here. (I wonder if it’s inspired by real events?) IMO the whole archive is worth reading though. Love the style of writing, and that posts in the archive are graded for geekiness, and indexed by names of characters involved and the topics covered.

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      This should be required reading for anybody in the software engineering field. It’s deeply human, funny, and technically interesting.

      It has gotten me through many a dark day at work.

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        I have been reading the codeless code for a while, loved every one of those koans :)

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        I fully agree with the message. This is where I keep banging on about the virtues of Spray, and a functional programming style: you use a monad to represent operations that need to happen in a transaction, and so you can compose them easily with for/yield, and at the view layer you have a directive or metamarshaller that actually performs the transaction, so you have all the advantages of session-in-view but no magic, and whether a function writes to the database is visible in its type.

        (But I don’t like the medium. I feel like these stories encourage the very mysticism this one rails against)

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          What a great way to convey technical issues to non technical folks in a fun and whimsical manner, yet one grounded in technical reality.

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            I swear the terminology felt more fanciful and mystical when they started talking about controllers and proxies than before when it was pure fiction.