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    Hopefully, there won’t be a Text Encoding menu in 2022.

    Most of documents server over HTTP are probably live enough to already have metadata properly declaring their encoding.

    But browsers are sometimes used to view local files – and such files might be very old or come from unusual platforms – offline documentation, some harvested website, notes, reports etc. In such case, metadata is often either lost or was never present because years or decades ago, authors expected certain platform default encoding or were not aware of encoding at all.

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      When viewing such files locally, have you had the need to manually override Firefox’s guess after Firefox 78?

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        Unfortunately there’s some old pages on the Japanese web that don’t seem to express their encoding properly. Maybe it worked on a Japanese OS. Not to mention some western ones with similar confusion between non-UTF-8 and UTF-8…

        It’s one of those features I wish I didn’t have to use, and could be tucked nice and out of the way, but it’s handy whenever you do run into that.

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          Has Firefox failed to guess the encoding of such pages for you after Firefox 78? (In cases where the encoding remains undeclared as opposed to a server update introducing a server-level UTF-8 declaration despite the content being old.)

          Edit: Context for why 78: https://lobste.rs/s/dbwqu6/chardetng_more_compact_character

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            I haven’t been browsing those kinds of pages in a while, so I’m not sure. I’ll let you know if I do though.