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    Very interesting! Haven’t heard about it before. I think this is a good example of how ML can be primarily in service of the user instead of Big Tech.

    –edit For more background see: https://hacks.mozilla.org/2022/06/training-efficient-neural-network-models-for-firefox-translations/

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      I want this, but man, the obvious lack of Asian languages. The two languages I translate to/from the most are miles away from support.

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        I’ve been using this for the past few months, it’s amazing. Off the top of my head: I’ve used both German->English and Russian->English.

        I was amazed how well a “non cloud” solution could work. This has made me a lot more optimistic about the state of the world. The edge that big commercial providers have over smaller groups in the ML arena is eroding.

        My only complaint is the lack of Chinese->English. Sadly I have to pump that through Google Translate still. I read lots of Chinese datasheets for electronic components.