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I wasn’t going to post every one of these updates, but this one contains extensive updates and new information that is very exciting regarding design decisions, virtualization, actual performance, etc.

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      I find it especially interesting that the C and BLISS compiler, can “compile on OpenVMS” and “link and execute on Linux or MacOS”. Also, interesting also that they use the LLVM standard libc++ and extend it for OpenVMS compatibility.

      Finally, I hope it is a license they end up giving away for their “guess-when-it-boots” contest. (I guess we need to just trust them on that contest, though!)

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        Same here. It would be great if they’d resurrect the hobbyist license.

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      “Will OpenVMS ever be a hypervisor? Extremely unlikely.”

      Oh, come on!! This was one of the very uses I was hoping to get out of it. Need something rock solid if we’re not going micro/separation-kernel on the situation. OpenVMS is rock-solid. Love to throw it in Dom0 for availability-focused situations. Guess the VMS Cloud is not to be. Still would make a great database, recovery, or user config server backing up a bunch of BSD/Linux boxes, though.

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        I was disappointed as well, especially since the work had already been done once before. :(