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Lobsters, I need your help! I’m one of the organizers of Abstractions, a new major software conference next month, hosted by Code & Supply in Pittsburgh.

Abstractions has a generous scholarship program, to which we have accepted virtually all applicants. We designed the program because didn’t want anyone to miss out on Abstractions because of they couldn’t afford it.

Our conference has proven to be quite attractive - we’ll likely sell out this week. Unfortunately, corporate and personal donations to the scholarship fund have stagnated and not kept up with the demand. The scholarship program is ~$17,000 short as of this posting.

If you’ve got three and a half minutes, spend it listening to this brief semi-episode of the Code & Supply podcast explaining the deficit and why we need help funding scholarship in the tech community.

Linking to the donation page might be a violation of Lobsters' policies. Please visit the linked video, wherein the donation page is linked, or the scholarship program page.

If we are not able to raise enough to cover our scholarships, we jeopardize other important parts of our program, like recording all talks, providing accessibility options, having conference swag beyond a T-shirt and badge, and paying ourselves.

Will you join the 30 other companies and individuals who have contributed an average of $423 to help us support those in the tech community when they need it most?