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    If something doesn’t work the way you need, pick something else (or stick with what you have, no reason to always upgrade when new stuff comes out).

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      exactly. But good thing is there are people trying these things and writing about so you can decide if a new toy tool could be something you could use or not

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        Yep, especially since Apple is marketing this more and more as a laptop replacement, it’s good that people are reviewing those claims seriously… although I absolutely love my 1st gen 12.9” iPad Pro for things like drawing and reading PDFs/comics, it’s really a clumsy laptop alternative. Multi-tasking is annoying to use, you’re limited by the iOS sandbox, etc… it’s nice that some people find ways to port their workflows over and, hopefully, get a net benefit as a result (especially for people who are always on the go), but I will always reach for the laptop until there’s serious changes in iOS.

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      I (developer) am probably not the audience that the iPad is made for, but I still wonder if the software on the iPad should’ve been a stripped down version of macOS, instead of a stripped up version of iOS.

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        In the presence of expectations of backwards compatibility, it’s much easier to add things you forgot on the first try than to remove things you shouldn’t have added. :)

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        I would love a device in this form factor provided I would get

        • orgmode
        • a native app for notebooks (jupyter preferably) without an need to be connected.
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          (OK, that’s from usability point of view. The political dealbreaker is an absence of root, obviously.)

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            I think you want a Pixel Slate.

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            FWIW, I found myself really intrigued by the Lenovo X1 tablet 3rd gen.

            On paper it checks the boxes of having usb-c pd & thunderbolt (unlike the surface), detachable keyboard, 13.3” 3:2 ratio display like the surface pro, wacom AES, and quad-core cpu options. Surprised the product’s existed for months and didn’t hear anything about it till recently. Hesitating to purchase at the moment largely due to the known frustrations in doing basic things in Windows (scrolling large pdf’s smoothly) and being fairly invested in the Apple ecosystem. It supposedly runs linux after some kernel tweaking though.