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    Just out of curiosity since I remember there used to be a lot of hate towards those guys but now people do upvote posts about Elementary a lot, do people no longer remember about the past drama, have the developers changed, have people decided to give them a pass? All of those?


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      I wasn’t paying attention to this “controversy”. For me I use and enjoy elementary and pay for apps and the OS where and when I can. We need teams focusing on making Linux integrated and thoughtfully designed. In my opinion they do great work.

      I’d give them a charitable pass on the verbiage, my interpretation is software is expensive and requires money for people to work on it full time. A near requirement to pull off something as ambitious as an operating system.

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          The developers of x, gdk, wayland, gtk, libinput, gcc, glibc, make, and vala are largely employed by redhat. And linux of course has myriad corporate sponsors.

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      I think elementaryOS’ overall UI style is a welcome contrast to the “flat” UI style that’s been big for so long now. Maybe it’s more accurate to say that it’s a good mix of the two (flat vs skeuomorphism).

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        elementary OS 6 finally brings multitouch gesture support; for those needing it on eOS 5, I’ve written a high-performance low resource consumption daemon for X11 that provides the same: https://neosmart.net/blog/2020/multi-touch-gestures-on-linux/

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          I am quite interested on how eOS breaks FOSS licenses by paywalling the access to their builds which also raised the controversy in the past IIRC.

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            How is that breaking FOSS licenses?

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              It doesn’t. GPL doesn’t forbid re-selling software, as long as the source code is available to those users.

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                It is baffling how many people do not understand this. People also do not understand that the GPL does not demand that you offer the software to everyone for download. It only demands that that you distribute the code to the parties receiving the software. That means I can create GPL software for a customer and as long as I given them a tarball of the source, all is fine.

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                  I can download elementary OS for free. Do I get the source code?

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                    You should be offered the code, it’s not required that the code be part of the download. Read the GPL. It’s not that hard to decipher.