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    The internet archive guys are doing great work that is under-appreciated. If you want to help them out you can run the Archive Team Warrior to help them out. I run two different instances myself.

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      Oh nice, I never knew that was a thing. I will set one up too!

      How much traffic do they produce/month?

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        To be honest I don’t watch it very closely but it’s never generated enough traffic on my network that I explicitly noticed it.

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        Does The Internet Archive site operate as a client-server site? I mean, do they store everything themselves? Or is it distributed bittorrent style?

        I think they could use something similar to HBO’s Silicon Valley’s PiperNet, where each node in the network stores encrypted pieces of the information. I believe it’s IPFS that operates similarly?

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          read the thread, it is all in there

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            Oops, I bookmarked it to read it later but by the title I didn’t know it answered my questions and so I asked. Sorry :D

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          Thank you. Using twitter for posting long-form content is probably one of the stupidest things to come out of this decade.