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    Anyone here use NetBSD? As a user of FreeBSD and OpenBSD, I always been interested in it, but never tried it.
    I heard once that Force10 switches ran a modified version of NetBSD, but not sure if that is still the case or not.

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      The Apple AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule devices run NetBSD http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/105957/what-is-the-os-inside-the-time-capsule

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        Ah yeah. I do remember hearing that at one point, but had completely forgotten! I think some of the original NextStep used some NetBSD too, along with FreeBSD parts as well.

        It would be interesting to hear why Apple chose to use NetBSD in their AirPort product line, as apposed to one of the other BSDs. Maybe ease of porting? A tech/project lead being more familiar with NetBSD?

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        I’ve been toying with NetBSD some lately, partly because I’ve been helping someone land their NetBSD changes for LLDB. The other reason that I’ve had for toying with it is that a port to NetBSD is a good start to a port to run on Rumprun, the NetBSD-based Rump Kernel. (There’s at least one other person on Lobste.rs working with Rumprun but he’s working with it for Rust.)

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          Nice. I’d call Rumprun a “rump kernel based unikernel”, though. There’s a bunch of new terms revolving around rump kernels, which I’m starting to realize is a bit suboptimal, but since the terms describe different things, there’s really no way around it. The FAQ on the rump kernel wiki attempts to provide some clarity/sanity. (There are at least two other persons working on Rumprun here ;-)