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    How relevant is this book nowadays, 30 years later? Also, is there some epub for grabs?

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      Don’t think an epub has been produced but you’ll find a PDF link if you remove /start.htm

      I think I only got about as far as chapter 4 or so last time I tried reading this, but chapter 2 is a wonderfully engaging and lucid explanation of the lambda calculus and Y combinator, and I’d really recommend it.

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        I don’t know this book, but I do recognize the author as the primary author of Haskell, so there’s probably some great food for thought in there. I’ve been reading some 30y old books by Wayne Stevens recently and found a wonderful explanation of a topic I’ve always seen explained vaguely.

        Library Genesis has a staggering number of books, including this one, if your library is also incapable of inter-library loans.