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Heard about this from an internal IT person and it works pretty well! The other fix for this is of course an external keyboard. Anyway, wanted more folks to know. :)

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    This is a quite brilliant solution to an, ahem, depressing problem. I’m working on some CLI tools and was recently reminded of that time I zapped through an entire interactive CLI operation, agreeing to all the defaults, because my Enter Return key had gotten stuck.

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      Although efficient, that seems like the wrong place to fix the problem. But there is no way to fix the problem at the right place for outsiders so here we go in the meantime.

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        +1. This really helped.

        The single best solution I’ve found is just to keep stuff out, so I ordered a silicone cover for my MBP keyboard, and it hasn’t had any problems since Apple replaced it.

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          Awesome. Good to know!