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      This is incredible! I really, really like this. It’s extremely well implemented, very clean, pleasant to use, and runs amazingly well. The zoom and translate functionality is so smooth and re-rendering is done without losing all of the old content. 10/10

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        The panning on mobile surprised me as it almost feels like native scroll.

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      Fun stuff.

      I enjoyed doing

      v.x = -0.1 * p.y;
      v.y = 0.1 * p.x;

      which produces a rotation, and then making them both negative to get a hyperbolic field. Looks like as you change them, you can see the existing particles change in “mid-flight”. Btw, what we’re seeing here is essentially integral curves.

      I’m not sure how creative we could get. It looks like by default it only does linear systems. Those have a nice complete solution in terms of the matrix exponential, which Smale’s ODE book first edition does a pretty good job of explaining (the 2nd edition just replaced all of that “boring” mathematics with Mathematica graphics.)

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