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    NeXTSTEP/OPENSTEP was just great. MacOS X is obviously the successor to it and picks up a lot of what made it great, but it’s definitely bloated compared to what was.

    The OPENSTEP API is published as a specification, which is fantastic because it means someone else could implement it (e.g. GNUStep), but since Objective-C was never formally specified that kinda leaves it dead in the water…

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      I used to rock a cube with a NextDimension board. It was wonderful. Having said that, I always preferred the Archaic Mac OS to NextStep, and I felt that Apple made basically all the wrong compromises when they were bought by Next.

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        NeXTSTEP really does run quite well on these, and NeXT’s almost seamless fat binary building means almost everything is available for PA-RISC.