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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      trying to keep myself and my family safe In the middle of an occupation of the capital of a G7 country. They protested at my son’s school yesterday.

      Maybe trying to set up the gaming laptop into a full-fledged setup with dual monitors and an actual keyboard and mouse when I’m not doing that.

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        How is the situation down there conflict wise? The article shows kids playing soccer on the streets. I hope it’s safe!

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          Everyone is safe, but the situation is very uneasy. Many of the occupiers have brought their kids, so I’m not surprised they’re playing soccer, but I wouldn’t want any of my family in the middle like that.

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        Yikes, try and stay safe. I’m over in Orleans myself but this stuff is frankly terrifying.

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          Aw geez. And just a couple of months ago I was thinking of Canada as being a potential refuge place if things go even more crazy in Europe. Best of luck and endurance to you all.

          Mars it is then, I guess.

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            If it makes you feel better, there’s likely nowhere on the planet that is truly a refuge if things go super sour.

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            I’d be fine with a small unknown island. But then somebody asks me where my low-latency internet and power come from.

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        I’m really sorry to hear. This is a super scary time and having the threat of violence looming so close has got to be nervous making.

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        Hey, me too! I’m over in Gatineau in the ’burbs but I generally spend a lot of time in Ottawa proper.

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        My sympathies; I’m flying into rat-licker central (Alberta :/ ) for my weekend; I expect I’ll see some of the dumbasses myself along the way, although not as bad as your part of the country. Good luck!

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          Hey now, we are rat free!

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      I’m visiting my sister for the first time in more than two years, helping her remove all of the tech traces of her ex-husband, who used to track her phone and generally did some pretty scummy shit. I’ll be installing locks with keycodes she can control, a new wifi network, and generally helping her get to a safer setup.

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        Sounds rough, I wish you all the best! 🙂

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      • !computing:
        • Hiking on Saturday
        • Barbecue on Sunday for the family
        • Reading
      • computing:
        • I hope to do some Zig coding on AoC and/or Project Euler
        • read again about git submodules
        • play with github actions to generate my blog with hugo
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      I’ve been working on moving my dedicated server to a new dedicated server. The back story is really that Hetzner raised the prices for colocation in Germany, and I’ve bought a new one in their Helsinki datacenter.

      I’m not really running anything serious on it, except a few websites and blogs and so on, so in theory that migration could be done in short time, but I’ve been wanting to try a few things out to fill out a few blanks in my skillset, so I’ve been playing with Ansible, and the server runs proxmox with LXC.

      Oh yeah, and IPv6.

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        How would you describe the cost to performance to maintenance burden for that ? On one side you can just buy something and let it run, on the other side you’ll have to buy something, and if it breaks you may have to replace the whole server. Also drive failures..

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          Well, you’re not exactly right when it comes to the maintenance burden. Yes, it’s a physical server, so physical things might break, but since it’s hosted at Hetzner, they will fix it for me, and they have been quite responsive in the past when needed.

          There’s no doubt that I could run this whole thing on a VM much cheaper, but it’s not that expensive. I don’t run anything really intensive on it either, but I like the piece of mind that this is not a shared platform, and I can do whatever the hell I want on it. Including testing weird apps I’m writing, spinning up VMs, running a remote desktop environment or whatever. It’s my small cloudless corner where I set the rules (within reason, of course)

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      I am working on incorporating feedback from the beta program for Berkeley Mono typeface last week. Thanks to everyone that participated. Here is the stack for the ecommerce site and details about the typeface [1]. Server side processing like it’s 2002!

      [1] https://neil.computer/notes/berkeley-mono-february-update/

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      !computing: Reading War and Peace Studying Linear Algebra Making a Valentines Day Gift

      computing: Continuing to get better at qcad Getting my setup ready for a new job Getting OpenBSD to be my daily driver

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        I read War and Peace last year. It definitely gave me a different look at history (as a history noob).

        But Linear Algebra is definitely computing ;)

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          That’s awesome, your review on the website give me the confidence to keep trucking through it.

          I consider the class more school than computing. Does it count if he doesn’t allow calculators?

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            Oh cool, I didn’t know anyone actually reads those :) Yeah, it changes drastically after the middle, and then starts getting more and more philosophical towards the end. The first half gives very little indications on where it’s going to go.

            lol.. that’s about as ridiculous as doing a software job interview on a whiteboard.

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      Working on a small SASS I built that sends periodical emails with a digest of all the blogs I follow. I’ve recently also made it public on: https://www.blogar.io/

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      I’m working on improving the state of .NET packaging in Nixpkgs along with a friend.

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      In no particular order:

      • Updating some of the Ansible playbooks for everyday personal server maintenance chores
      • Playing around with OpenSSL forks and compiling nginx mainline with them to play around with HTTP/3
      • Studying for exams
      • Catching up with friends after a long winter
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      I’m catching up on sleep, hanging around the apartment, and going for a hike.

      I’d also like to get back to working on my Common Lisp binding to libpulse. I’d like to get a simple working example of an OpenGL visualization that responds to live audio from an input source. In theory this works with what I have already, but I haven’t done it.

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      • Home:
        • continuing woodworking project
        • cleaning up house after 2-month visit from parents
        • prepping for a big announcement (I’ll share details in next of these threads on sunday)
      • Work:
        • Super excited; We are starting a new greenfield project and I am taking the lead on getting the BE repo setup. Looking forward to applying best practices for Python and fixing a bunch of shit that was bad in the old one.
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      Staying with a friend for a few days. Likely going to be enjoying the hot tub, dog walking round Yorkshire countryside and drinking far too much. Should be fun.

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      Oncall for work but still trying to feel well enough & find the time to implement tags for my GatsbyJS blog. They give the recipes in their howto section. Just gotta assemble the bits :)

      Also trying to keep myself from devouring the latest Charles Stross novel Quantum of Nightmares in one sitting, and possibly failing :)

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      Back to libp2p, trying to restart my DHT playground.

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      Trying to bring my idea of incremental synchronization for a FOSS app a step further ahead. Who would’ve thought its hard to allow delta, offline capable sync between clients, that isn’t a complete train wreck in terms of storage requirements and DoS resilience. I dread writing tests for that..

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      Surviving to the end of quarantine due to covid, cleaning the house and getting some items off my todo list from work before enjoying the return of my partner after six weeks apart.

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      I continued to redesign Subreply and this weekend it gets a completely new sidebar to improve one hand usage on mobile devices.

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        I wonder why you chose 640 characters per reply. It always felt like one of the worst “features” in twitter.

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      This week I submitted an abstract to a conference, for a presentation about the ionospheric prediction website that I work on in my spare time. But “here’s a thing I did and here’s how it works” isn’t science (it’s that kind of conference), so I promised a comparison of my algorithm with some alternatives. A comparison which, of course, I haven’t done. And which (due to some shortsighted design decisions on my part), I can’t really do retrospectively.

      So now I’m modifying my code as quickly as I can manage to collect the data I need, because every day it takes me to do it is one less day’s worth of data I’ll have to work with :)

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      Time for my yearly Programmers Retreat. Leaving the family at home. Checking into a hotel room with a bag full of food and a computer. Will be programming all of the weekend. Not sure yet, exactly. Something that excites me.

      This year it seemed the universe wanted to stop me. My computer died yesterday. Won’t start. So planning on picking up a brand new one on my way into the city:)

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      Going for a hike and updating an FP interpreter to use ANSI style function pointers. The latter will be challenging, the code currently doesn’t track the number of arguments to pass to functions.
      Going for a hike and chores.

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      I’ve been trying to write a note about things I learned every day (see it here) since previous Xmas, it becomes a habit now, and continue doing that over the weekend (mostly during the night). It’s a bit challenging during the weekend btw.