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      That’s interesting! I wonder if there could be a place for a tool that does database query and schema linting. That way these issues could be programmatically caught, as opposed to requiring users to memorize all the preferred syntax / types.

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        I built something similar to what you described a couple months back, but didn’t spend too much time fleshing out the rules. This list would actually be a fantastic addition to the tool.

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      (forgot to remove the anchor, this is how I found it https://twitter.com/RhodiumToad/status/1123246795893739520)

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        Oh, wow, Rhodium Toad has a twitter account?

        I see him all the time in #postgresql in Freenode. Dude’s full, and I mean full of wisdom. It’s thanks to him that I’ve learned so much about Postgres and thanks to him that I’ve come to love it.

        I am very grateful for what he’s done. He deserves praise and recognition. I’m trying to talk my company into sending some money somewhere too, one way or another.

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          First tweet:

          Feb 27

          I will probably regret signing up for this thing.

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      Thanks for this. One of my businesses allows users to search for companies registered in the United Kingdom, and provides a number of filters for narrowing results. One of the filters is registration date, so one might write a query like “show me all companies registered between date x and date y.

      A comment on an article posted (I think on this website) recently made me aware of using BETWEEN, and I had thought to possibly use that in place of combing >=, AND, and <=. I’m glad I saw this article first before shooting myself in the foot.

      Also good to know I shouldn’t use the money datatype. I wasn’t anyway — I’m using the safe-money package which comes with its own serialisers, but still good to know.

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      Does anyone even use char? I know a lot of people use varchar due to MySQL inspiring bad habits, but haven’t seen a lot of char around.