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I’ll be prone to post stories related to GSM / 3G / 4G /… mobile networks, as comes naturally when being an Osmocom dev. But what tags to give it? There’s the “mobile” tag, but “mobile” says “Mobile app/web development” which is completely unrelated to the core network elements providing the actual radio service for phones and modems. “Mobile networks” could match “networking”, but there again I suspect this is more about IP networks, internet and intranet, clouds and security. Does the topic of GSM/UMTS match “hardware”? You need radio hardware for it … but again no full match.

What tags do you think should I give Osmocom or general mobile networking stories? Should there be separate tags like ‘GSM’ for 2G, ‘UMTS’ for 3G etc., or should there be a single general one like “mobilenetworks”? “cellular”? What would be a good name?? :)



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    I think networking is a decent fit for now. Standard practice is to only create new tags when the existing ones become overcrowded.

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      hardware would be valid as well when the article is about interesting applications of cellular gear.

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      an RF (Radio Frequency) tag might be a good option - I’m not sure if it needs to be broken down to GSM / UMTS etc