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    I’m disappointed at the lack of OpenTelemetry support.

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      Seconding this. We made a big push to standardize on OpenTelemetry at work and it’s had a lot of payoff.

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        Parseable is schema-less from a user perspective. Meaning, you can send JSON formatted data with any scheme and Parseable can ingest & query that. So, there is no lack of OpenTelemetry support as such. You can very well store OpenTelemetry data with Parseable and query as well.

        We’re now working towards Grafana dashboard integration so you could visualize this data as well.

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      As I understand it, a logstream has a fixed schema that’s inferred from the first event that posted to it. Usually not all log events are structured the same way and the schema evolves over time. How is that handled here?

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        Underlying architecture does support evolving of the log schema. To keep things simple we have disabled this for now, but we can enable such scenarios as / when needed.

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        Seems like very similar goals to Loki https://grafana.com/oss/loki/ With similar features too. I’d like to hear how they differ.

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          The issue I’ve been fighting with Loki is that it is slow for me, and there is a general lack of resources online for it other than paying for them. I will absolutely be looking at this.

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            Parseable aims at simplicity of deployment and usage. Just like Prometheus, you can deploy Parseable and start looking at log data within minutes. We’re also working on a Grafana integration to make sure anyone using Grafana can simply plugin Parseable in their dashboard.

            Eventually it comes down to user experience - both as a user and as an administrator. We’re razor focussed on that. If you try out Parseable, (https://github.com/parseablehq/parseable) I am sure you’ll agree.