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    What I wish for is the opposite. I bought an Apple MacBookPro11,3 to run Linux on because I figured it was a popular vendor especially for people developing open source software. The vendor also offers very few models so I assumed that it would be well supported by Linux… It is not. I’m going to buy a Chromebook to replace it and turn it into a server since it’s not functionally useful as a laptop.

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      Much older MacBooks and PowerBooks tend to be popular for Ubuntu Mate, but that’s about the most support you’ll get. Macs have evolved to have more secretive drivers and specialized hardware that makes them very difficult to port.

      In one instance, Macs seem to have the most advanced ways of cooling themselves, but it’s all implemented at a software level that is totally unreachable from another OS. This means that even if you somehow get everything working correctly and you’re very careful about power management, you’ll still lose probably 30% of your battery life.

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        Ouch, I would’ve thought an 11,3 would be reasonably well supported (even the Arch wiki suggests as much). Things like wireless are always problematic on Macs (thanks Broadcom), but I thought most other stuff would work reasonably well?

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          Things that don’t work well:

          1. The SSD (requires workarounds, sometimes doesn’t work then): https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=60731

          2. The camera (possible to make it work, but not trivial): https://github.com/patjak/bcwc_pcie

          3. Suspend (workaround that works some of the time): https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1371159

          4. Wireless (binary driver available, mostly stable – but you can’t run a recent kernel): “wl” kernel module

          5. Graphics (it’s a hybrid intel/nvidia – the HDMI and DisplayPort are hardwired to the nVidia card, which uses a lot of battery power)

          6. Peripherals: You have to make sure you boot with no peripherals plugged in, or you won’t be able to remove them safely (e.g., my DVI adapter – if I remove it after booting with it plugged in, my desktop doesn’t resize away from it)

          Read through this thread: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=171883

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        There is also a project for more recent iterations of the xps models with a kabylake CPU: https://github.com/fv316/dell-xps13-9360-hack