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Don’t know how many of you read webcomics/cyberpunk stuff here on lobsters but sharing this nevertheless. I’m working on this webcomics series and made some cool visuals for the story – it’s all javascript and css3.

Quick jump: Scene of rioting!

Let me know what you guys think?

Also, have a splendid weekend!

Edit: I forgot to mention the Github repo in case you want to dig/fork :-)



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    Wow, this haws a really nice aesthetic

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      Really nice way to view a comic, but I still would prefer to buy a hardcopy myself. I guess I’m just old.

      I kind of wonder what’s “cyberpunk” about this story. It didn’t seem to have a drop of fantasy elements in it like traditional cyberpunk does. It seemed a strictly present day, present time kind of story. I liked the visuals, but I couldn’t actually figure out what the story was other than something about oppressive regimes and the internet.

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          The quirks like fire and water are cute, but I wouldn’t say that I would miss them terribly on the printed page.

          Hey, can you make the thing work without cookies? Y'know, tracking and surveillance and all that.

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              Cookies in case of Bubblin are just plain bookmarks. It only (locally) helps to remember the page where the reader left off.

              I’d be ok with that. Can you degrade to that if there are no cookies enabled? The url still tells me where I am, so I can restart from there. Almost nobody disables cookies by mistake these days, so I don’t think you even need to warn if no cookies are enabled.

              I do sense a rage in you about tracking and surveillance […] please don’t crucify little upstarts for it

              No crucifixions or rage going on here, but I did think that it was cute that a comic about internet oppression didn’t work without cookies. :-)

              I just like to be able to navigate without cookies and without identifying myself to a server inasmuch as possible. I know you can probably still fingerprint my browser, but if I make it harder for you to track me, I assume you’re less likely to do it.

              Also, nothing personal; I try to not give cookies to any other website. It’s actually kind of interesting to see how many websites break without cookies, and it makes me wonder why does everyone want to figure out when they’re seeing the same browser.

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          I mean, the present day actually is a cyberpunk dystopia. :) It happened slowly enough that it was hard to notice.

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          There were a couple of web comics that did something similar in terms of having animated content embedded in them…Black and Blue, maybe? It’s always a neat trick when done tastefully, like with your rain.

          I noticed that on the “scene of rioting” page you linked, the left page doesn’t show anything dynamic and the right have is flashing white canvas with holes cut out. Presumably, this is because of a rendering error when trying to draw the smoke bubbles for the particle system on the car. This is on Firefox 46, on Win7 Pro.

          EDIT: It looks like a blending mode fail.

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            As a developer of anarchist software, I LOOOVE this. Beautiful imagery. The visuals were pretty cool and not overdone. When I first noticed the rain drops, I was pleasantly surprised. Bravo.