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    Hey lobste.rs crew! I’ve just published a new episode of Rethink Connectivity, this time all about message persistence and streaming with NATS JetStream. I really love how streaming has been set up in NATS, it makes for some really cool hybrid architectures and gives you a TON of flexibility and options. Let me know what you think

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      Thank you for your videos! I have just read NATS docs and your videos helped with some misunderstandings I still had. E.g pull vs push consumer.

      The topics that I am personally interested in are on demand user authentication and connecting several NATS clusters together. Could NATS be used as an implementation of federation protocols? If we take Matrix as a reference can we implement an alternative where each home server will have its own NATS cluster which subscribes/publishes to other NATS clusters. In other words all federation happens inside NATS.

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        Thanks for the feedback! Definitely will be covering authentication and clustering in the future.

        To answer your question about federation. NATS does have it’s own form of federation via Leaf Nodes. Leaf nodes allow you to extend a cluster with your own node, with it’s own imports/exports and configuration