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    I find the description of their goal a bit annoying. It’s a cool service and easy to use. It is not an alternative to AWS unless you never needed to use AWS in the first place. The most simple example is: it seems that anyone with that single token can wipe every service in scope. No read-only access, no blast radius management, no multiple users with different access.

    It honestly looks cool for really simple applications and small-ish projects. Why not concentrate on that? “The right choice for next generation of developers when AWS would be an overkill.”?

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      I am amazed that anybody thought it would be a good idea to call a consolidation of software “Micro Services”.

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        It seems like a fun little project but has nothing to do with AWS.

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          README reads as if you’ve never used AWS; Only a lack of AWS knowledge would allow you to describe your project as an alternative.

          I do think making the AWS alternative claim is making your project look worse, not better.