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    Great to know someone else out there also finds existing Kubernetes setup tools lacking in the configuration/customization area. And yes, “reinvent the wheel” is a widely-used expression in English :)

    I’m currently going through the process of installing Kubernetes on GCE with what I thought would be a fairly typical setup: private network with public bastion, HA via multi-master, external etcd. So far though, every tool I’ve run into that claims to be the most robust or easiest or fatest way to install Kubernetes lacks basic support for this setup (hell, on IRC with the folks who maintain Typhoon, they said it simply can’t be done?).

    That all being said, I’m happy to see that it can be done without fully relying on the current tools, so thanks for the write-up!

    PS: On a “minor nit” note, I noticed just a couple of minor French-isms in this post. If you ever need a native English speaker who is somewhat fluent in French to do some English proof-reading, feel free to send me a message!

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      Awesome post! What is the rational for not using Kubespray for example?

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        Hi jerluc. Thanks for your kind comment I really appreciate it.

        Regarding HA via multi-master as far as I know the next version of kubeadm will be able to it. (https://www.weave.works/blog/kubeadm-v1-8-easiest-kubernetes-install-method). “They also plan to address high availability (or multi-master) as an alpha feature in v1.9 as this has been a regular request from their user base.” I’m still asking myself how they are going to do this (keepalived, ipvs … I have not found any details about how they are going to handle this).

        Regarding the “French-isms” I know I can do better, but sometimes it’s not that simple not to write in my native language. This said I’m always trying to re-read and fix the typos :-). I have just fixed a lot of things after reading your comment. So this kind of advice are really appreciated. And yes … I’ll really appreciate if you can take time to help me on this :-).