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This caught my eye the other day. I don’t think I’d ever head of or seen a binary be broadcast as audio over television before. The whole episode is pretty interesting if you like 80’s British campiness but the broadcast is at 4:47 for those TL;DR folks. I’d love to capture the transmission and poke around with it in Audacity. There’s a pretty decent reference to Acorn’s data encoding format here: http://beebwiki.mdfs.net/Acorn_cassette_format


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    Annnnd someone already has (sorta) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0G5ZcdO-MAQ

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      Thanks! That brought back memories. ALLCAPS programs, GOTOs, terrible fonts. Ah the birthplace of millions of programmers today!

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      What blew me away was that in the 1970s for the lunar missions, the Apollo programs had the DSKY (terminal) on the Command Module wired to a duplicate ground unit and the ground unit could talk to the space unit!