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    Sadly not on the list, but “Silence on The Wire” from No Starch is an amazing book if you’re interested in either networking or security.

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      Is there a minimum of knowledge other than general programming that one should have to really enjoy the book? Looks intriguing, but I’m not terribly well-versed in security.

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        No, it’s very first principles. “Here is how Ethernet works. Now, here are some interesting surveillance techniques this enables.” Repeat all the way up the networking stack.

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          imho no. The author explains most, if not all of the required knowledge.

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            in fact I’d go as far as to say that among books that expect little formal knowledge on behalf of the reader, its probably unique in taking them from a standing start to what was at the time of publishing some of the more sophisticated attacks and analysis you could find.

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        Practical Binary Analysis, Attacking Network Protocols and Serious Cryptography are all, by themselves worth the price, together makes this a wonderful opportunity!

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          If you are an ACM member you can also access these books (and many more) via O’Reilly’s Safari platform.

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            I did not know about the ACM…

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              Almost all the CompSci papers I publish end up in ACM or IEEE. Many I find, but don’t submit, are only available to members of those organizations. My subset are authors kind enough to host free copies. The paywalled journals are the default venue for CompSci inventions. Springer gets some good ones on occasion, too.

              I highly recommend subscribing to ACM or IEEE if you can afford it. The abstracts are often good indicators of whether the paper is worth your time. They occasionally have some gold.

              Note to others: Any Lobster with a background in formal methods or program analysis who also has Springer access? I found a paper on livelock analysis I cant read that might be valuable for tool builders. Need someone to eyeball it.

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                Honestly, thanks for the info. I miss out on a lot of these things because I’ve been operating in a situation where I’m basically the only developer. So I don’t get exposed as much to these things as I wish I was.

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            I love humble bundle. I watch that site like a hawk as you can get some insane deals. In a lot of cases there might only be one book you want in the bundle and it’s still more affordable than buying the actual book…

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              Got mine. Added a healthy donation to EFF as well. :party_parrot: