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    This is awesome, and hope to see some source (with the hopes of porting this to some embedded device). There’s another, parallel effort which I hoped would’ve panned out by now, but seems to have stalled, sadly.

    PalmOS was my introduction to embedded computing (with the Palm V, an incredible piece of hardware in and of itself) and holds a special place in my heart, but remains one of the more thought-out and consistent user experiences on a hand-held device to date.

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      My understanding is shortly after that post, Dmitry started a new job at Apple, which as you can imagine, might make it more difficult to work on reverse engineering side projects.

      [Edit 3 hours later: over on the HN thread Dmitry confirms they’re still working on the project.]

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      Neat! Now, somebody do the same for Newton. That was a lot more interesting underneath.