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Seen lots of meta posts recently, I have an idea, avoid inadvertently giving people highs from the magic internet points by delaying the updates to karma or hiding it altogether, could be optional and disabled by default?

The karma is mostly a distraction and if I’m honest I end up getting caught up in it even though I don’t want to be. I apparently don’t have the discipline necessary to fully ignore it by myself, which is what the more rational side of me would prefer.


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    If you use Lobsters through mail you do not see any karma at all. ;)

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      So, just for hiding your own karma in the navbar?

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        If I understood the idea correctly, it means showing the votes on each comment for instance one hour after the comment was posted.

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          Isn’t karma display already hidden for a while on comments, until a certain period of time has passed or they hit some vote threshold?

          Seems like it

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            You could do both?

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              Just to be clear–is this for your own comments, or for others’ comments as well?

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                I was thinking just for your own comments yes

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                  So, if it’s just for a user’s own comments, you could probably open an issue. My impression is that meta threads are usually more for features that would effect others or significantly change community dynamics–your proposed feature seems to be rather modest in that regard.

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                    I guess I’ve essentially opened the issue by posting here, if anyone thinks it’s a good idea it’ll get implemented.

                    I’ll bear what you’ve said in mind for future post though thanks.

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          I couldn’t care less. I check my karma from posts from time to time to see what people seemed to agree with. Could live without it.