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    I was wondering how they’re able to figure out a user’s industry with such high confidence, since it’s not directly covered in this blog post. The answer was in a previous post:

    At Stack Overflow we’re able to segment our US traffic by industry (by matching IP address to ISP), as part of our mission to better understand and serve developers.

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      You can also interpret it as there are way more questions related to python than others, or python (library) users have more questions than others. Chances are, if you are working with C, you just don’t have that kind of questions to go to stackoverflow.

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        I suppose that it’s also a matter of personal preference. Python users may be more accustomed to visiting stackoverflow, whereas C developers might rely more on manpages or official documentation. Additionally, more people learn python as their first language, which could very well be the reason why they ask more questions.

        I find the pandas documentation quite good and use that most of the time if I am looking for something specific.