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    This is awesome. I miss the 68k.

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      Who’s ready to rewrite Mac System 7 in Rust?! It could really use the memory safety and concurrency.

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        All of the best stuff I remember from classic Mac OS was because there was no memory safety. Most extensions worked by rooting around in the OS’s memory space and changing stuff around at will. There are good reasons not to bring that back to modern OS’s but losing it would make the classic mac notably less functional

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          Look, I get it, we can build The Grouch in as an easter egg.

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          I mean, you really want to start with System 6, no? It’s been a very long time since I did any programming on “Classic” Mac OS, so I could be confused.

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            System 7 was a huge jump, especially in the UX. I wouldn’t go back any further.

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              But it was clunky under the hood, is what I’m vaguely remembering. I do miss System 7/8, though.

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                Oh god yes. Everything before Mac OS X was a dumpster fire under the hood. The Lisa had a pretty sound OS, from what I’ve heard, but the Macintosh project had to hack together a similar UX on a much smaller machine (128KB RAM, 64KB ROM, and 112KB floppies) so a lot of corners were cut. Most significantly it was designed to run only one app at a time, and adding multi-app support was a monstrous kludge that basically put all apps into a single process and single thread.

                (Apple knew this was a mess and were working on more solid replacement OSs since at least 1989, but for various reasons those projects all failed until NeXT came along and OS X took shape in 1997-2001.)

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              System 7 drastically improved the mouthfeel; putting the two side by side reveals how much more polish is in there.

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                I’m not going to lie, as an amateur mixologist, that’s the second weirdest reference to mouthfeel I’ve heard.

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                  Okay I’ll bite. What was the weirdest?

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                    mildly sexua/adult languagel warning (within what youtube .. permits) https://youtu.be/j1dJ8whOM8E?t=545

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                  I’m glad someone is finally talking about the mouthfeel.