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    Good to know, though I’m going to assume that this isn’t an issue on Linux.

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      Very very doubtful, since for one thing the drivers come bundled with modern kernels and don’t require any involvement with Wacom themselves at all.

      Most of the code involved if not all is authored by the Linux Wacom Project. I have an OLD Wacom Intuos tablet and it works like a charm on Linux.

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      Sweet… I just got a Wacom tablet a few weeks ago and I’ve been really enjoying using it :(

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        You might consider writing to them and expressing your displeasure about this as a recent customer.

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        Great article and great find on the part of the author.

        Much as I’ve argued for Windows being a viable platform for some of us who find it suitable to our needs, I also think that we need to be unusually clear eyed about our assumption that pretty much any data we put in there could be hoovered up and used, most likely to sell us things, but possibly for who knows what.

        Personally, I’m OK with that, since I long ago decided that anything I put on an internet computer would be data I’d fully EXPECT to be at the very least accessible if not indexed by several intelligence agencies, an organized crime syndicate or two, and possibly some other rando hackers should they care enough to get past the due diligence operational security measure I put in place.

        I realize that trade-off doesn’t work for everyone.

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          Windows? Read the article again, you’ll soon find out the author uses MacOS. While it is quite likely the Windows driver is up to the same shenanigans this can not directly be deduced from this article.

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            Well, that strategy works fine for the feohs in the world, but not for many many (many) other folks who don’t consider these things and are using windows + shit vendor spyware drivers like this. They simply don’t have the same background as many of us here, and are largely incapable of understanding/considering the risks.

            Just because you’ve learned how to play with fire doesn’t mean that everyone should play with fire.

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              Just because you’ve learned how to play with fire doesn’t mean that everyone should play with fire.

              I agree. I think Microsoft, Wacom, and a host of others are at the very least morally suspect for not being super clear with their users about how their information is being handled.

              Also, I re-read my response 3 times to make sure I wasn’t trolling or being in any way incendiary in how I expressed myself.

              In particular I thought the sentence “I realize that trade-off doesn’t work for everyone.” would have handled your issue.