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    Thank god only windows has DLL hell… Forking and embedding an outdated copy of a complex library is clearly the superior approach. (Though that’s actually how windows solves the problem too.) One of the biggest strengths of the unix package manager model is that everything is coordinated and integrated with the OS update model. When a bug is fixed, everything gets fixed. Or would, if people didn’t fork whole libraries every time they need to add a new function or whatever.

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      From what I see Midori has WebKitGTK 3.0 and 4.0 support at least in their VCS and Arch has had the GTK+ 2.x and 3.x versions available for some time but now has replaced it with GTK+ 3 only. To quote very first bullet list on the Arch Linux wiki page:

      Some of its features are:

      • Full integration with GTK+ 3.

      Also, I’ve been running Claws-Mail on Arch Linux without problems. I don’t use the fancy plugin and I am quite happy.

      Overall the article seems way too alarming.