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Lobsters was launched on this day 5 years ago. 7600 users, 32,000 stories, and 89,000 comments later, thanks to everyone that has made it the engaging community that it is today.

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    Thanks @jcs for developing and maintaining lobste.rs!

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      Happy birthday Lobsters!

      I’ve been a member of HN for much longer, yet this is the only place I actually comment on from time to time. It’s a much nicer community, and the links submitted are usually something I enjoy reading.

      Thanks @jcs, and everyone else on lobsters :D

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        I dont think I’ve even opened HN in months!

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          I try not to. It only ever made me bitter.

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            Ditto. It’s a firehose, and much of it is useless to me - I’m not interested in startups and entrepreneurship.

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            May Lobsters stay free of Redditization for many years to come.

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              Would a subreddit be a Lobste.rs shrimp?

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            Many thanks @jcs for building a community that is big enough to be exposed to new and interesting views, without being so big that it becomes about personalities and ego.

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              Lobsters is still my favorite site on the web.

              Thanks to @jcs and everyone else for a great community with real technical posts and participants.

              The recent battlestations thread was truly fun and reminded me of why I first got into programming.

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                Thank you jcs!

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                    Congratulations to @jcs. Lobsters is a great example of how to design and run a community website, and Iʼm honoured to be here.

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                        Thank you for this! And still amazed by the simple, clean and beautiful design of the site!

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                          Woow congrats to this amazing community, its founders and maintainers :)

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                            I tried to find a suitable cake image - but it’s really hard to choose. So have them all :) https://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&q=lobster+cake&tbs=imgo:1

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                              thanks @jcs. o7

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                                What’s number of active, unique users per month participating? I was always curious.

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                                  Happy Birthday, lobste.rs and friends.

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                                    Thanks a lot for Lobste.rs, it feels like home!

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                                      Happy birthday Lobsters! I don’t remember how I got here, but I’ve made great friends since!

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                                        Happy birthday lobsters ??‍?‍?*

                                        Thanks to @ktsl for inviting me to join this community!

                                        * (unfortunately, there is no lobster emoji)

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                                          Just got invited a day ago. Looking forward to seeing some great content!

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                                            Thanks for lobste.rs and the code that you have generously made available. I plan to use it to host a niche site. I was just curious about the hosting service it runs on. What did you use when you started? What is it on now? Also thanks to @stefantalpalaru for inviting me!

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                                              What do you need?

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                                                Just an idea of where I should host a Lobsters-like site on. Thought I would piggyback on previous experiences. I was thinking about using either AWS or DO. Leaning towards DO $10 plan now.

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                                                It started on a dedicated server and moved to a beefier dedicated server earlier this year. I think @pushcx runs Barnacles on some kind of cloud thing.

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                                                  Barnacles is on the cheapest hobby plan at Heroku, yeah.

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                                                    Thanks for the info.

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                                                      You’re welcome. Drop by the chat room room as you get started, there’s usually someone around who knows the codebase and can answer questions.

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                                                Happy Birthday Lobsters! I’m grateful for the decent and civil space where people can share interesting stuff.

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                                                  lobsters were known as the cockroaches of the sea.