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HTTP Client with retry and Hystrix capabilities. Please help us provide feedback and improve this library. Thanks


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    Sort of an unfortunate name, as Heimdal (one l), is the name of the de facto standard widely-used implementation of Kerberos 5.

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      Not to mention a widely-used toolkit for flashing Samsung phones.

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        And my 4-year-old slowly progressing RESTful API framework! https://github.com/binarymax/heimdall

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          Not to mention the 462 repositories on github

          Edit: to be fair, it seems it’s more like 459 if we substract the ones already mentioned

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            Hey, I used to be on the 1st page of that result list!

            Damn Idris Elba for being so charismatic.

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              I starred it for maximum visibility, but one can only do so much

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      Good job trying to enhance robustness of HTTP clients in a safe, popular language. :)