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    The really long term possibility is that after a thorough cleanup of the internet, all the content that is digitised might be locked into the encrypted codec thereby making it unusable by free culture not even for fair use. This is a problem because CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays are essentially dead or soon to be dead mediums. DRM is fundamentally different from CDs which you can share and manipulate for fun.

    It is legally possible to create cultural artefacts without DRM and with a creative commons license. Is the browser somehow going to make this impossible ? As far as I understand, no. I think every artist living is aware of this. If the artists want to contribute to free culture, all doors are open and most of the tools are free. I think it should be better to bootstrap free culture completely than to rely on old culture. The only thing fair seems to be is to ask corporations to release content into the public domain more often.