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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!


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    First and foremost, I will be roasted (prognosis is temperature high: 40 and temperature low: 28)

    I will be improving sic.pm’s story filtering interface. I replaced fetching stories for each tag and computing the set union in python to pure SQL logic using temporary views and common table expressions. I thought it was going to take me all weekend but it was straightforward. Now I have to implement filter management in the UI side of things.

    I will also look into implementing a search interface like lobste.rs but with sqlite3. I am planning on queuing URLs in a file from python when someone makes a post, and setup a rust cron job that uses a port of mozilla’s readability library to extract the plain text content and index it. Lobsters uses https://diffbot.com/ if I’m not mistaken instead of rolling a custom solution.

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      First and foremost, I will be roasted (prognosis is temperature high: 40 and temperature low: 28)

      Wow, take care, drink lots of water and hope for the humanity to be wiser ;)
      And have fun doing your today’s stuff!

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        Thank you:) have fun and good rest as well.

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      I’m going to go to a bbq this weekend!

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        Looks like rain cancelled it. Boo.

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        Chilling the heck out.

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          Big mood.

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          • Feeling a bit relieved after publishing Practice Python Projects book today. This was much more difficult to write than I anticipated (already started working on next two books to get back to familiar territory). Thinking of recording a promotional video tomorrow.
          • Currently reading Gurkha and the Lord of Tuesday - okayish start so far, but it’s a short book, so I’ll keep reading for now.
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            Practice Python Projects looks great! I’ll recommend it to people who are looking for the next steps are learning Python syntax :)

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              Thanks a lot for the feedback :)

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            I finally wrote a couple of blog posts that I have been postponing for a while and now I’ll play StarCraft II and go to an open-air theater in the evening. It’s so hot here, that any outdoor activity is painful right now. :D

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              A few things that will get half done:

              • I’m looking into making browser extensions for GeoGuessr.

              • Making my chess engine stronger / better test coverage.

              • Migrating personal website to Next.js.

              and even ask for help or feedback

              If anyone has opinions (good/bad/neutral) about my personal website that would really help me out as I look into doing a light redesign.

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                I would like to write a blog post that i’ve wanted to write but i haven’t got around to it in the last few weeks. partly unsure about hosting.

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                  You could put it anywhere that allows your own domain - if you don’t like the service, just move the content later. But at least the post is out there already.

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                    I use bearblog.dev, it’s pretty simple and fast.

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                    Taking my daughter BMX racing in Preston, Lancashire, UK, and cheering her on like Kye Whyte did for Beth Shriever at the Olympics this morning!

                    On monday - it’s back to job hunting now I’ve finished my MSc…

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                      Setting up “all the things” for my new company selling very specific software.

                      Done: domain, email, certificates, helpdesk.

                      To do: code signing, static website gitlab->netlify, figuring out how to handle msix auto update, trying to convince leads to pay me…

                      I wish I could do just the fun part of actually writing the software ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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                        I’ll be finishing a blog post I’ve been writing forever about fully leveraging Ecto’s compositional query building DSL in Elixir projects as well as, hopefully, starting preliminary work outlining a blog post about using Nix to unify your CI environment with your development environment!

                        More likely: I’ll just procrastinate again this week :-)

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                          I’m interested in your blog post. I’ll be looking for it on here. I really like Ecto. As a person who learned regular SQL before using an ORM, ecto is the first where I use it instead of just going back to regular SQL. But “fully leveraging” ecto is not something I do, but would like to.

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                            Oh that’s awesome :-) I’m extremely new to blog writing so I’ve never actually posted anything here or on the orange site but maybe I will!

                            I’ll let you know when it’s out if you’d like, as well.

                            Ecto’s composability is what really sells it for me, I’ve seen a lot of very tradition ORM-esque use, but seldom do I see the more powerful features used (not even things like dynamic queries, using named bindings to make composability a little easier, subqueries etc)

                            What makes you stick to Ecto over other ORMs?

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                          Just finished a 3 day hackathon at my company doing a bunch of stuff that I wouldn’t do in a regular day to day… time to chill!

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                            Probably some effort to finally get the language change the removes the remnants of modifiers, in favor of annotations.

                            After that, removing the @static annotation and replacing it with a module construct instead.

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                              Hopefully making some progress on a movable workbench, which in turn should make it more practical to do some stuff like building some high wall storage in the lounge room/bench space in the kitchen etc; As much as we’re committed to leaving here (the country, not just this house), I’m very keen to use our remaining time here, to get more practice/experience with woodworking. It’s relatively likely we’ll end up with something that needs substantial renovation when we move, so the more practice before we leave, means (hopefully) fewer fuckups in a longer term house due to inexperience. Plus we’ll get the benefits of those things (assuming they don’t fail spectacularly) before we leave here.

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                                Mostly hanging out with friends but hopefully also working on Sasquach. I got out of the groove of working on it daily after visiting my family. I think part of it is moving the name resolution from the parsing process into its own step is just a PITA. I’m hoping I’ll pick up steam again after I get it working.

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                                  a.m.: groceries, mowing the lawn, bringing stuff to the recycling court

                                  15min lunch, 45min power nap

                                  p.m.: set up testing instance of verneMQ


                                  until dawn: reading book about korean natural faming


                                  sleeping loooooong

                                  brunch meeting with friends & kids in a tiny beer garden

                                  picking up my GF from the train station and not giving her out of hand until wednesday (yes my weekend is longer this time).

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                                    My son (9) and I will pick up one of his friends and hang out in town. I’ll play reluctant to buy ice creams for a bit, but eventually cave in and treat them both. (And me.)

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                                      Finishing setting up old Dell Optiplex GX620 with LMDE for my aunt.
                                      Maybe launching XMPP instance.
                                      Finishing small work stuff i haven’t finished on Friday.
                                      Trying to find some libre project to contribute to.
                                      No idea how much of it I will manage to do :)

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                                        Turning off and leaving work laptop at home to go on vacation for a week; second trip to Scotland this year for me.

                                        My only real plans are swimming in the sea; running on the beach; reading books I’ve bought and not started this year; learning and practicing for my RYA Day Skipper and just generally relaxing. Beyond that, who knows.

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                                          Planning to study Git internals for fun https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2/Git-Internals-Git-Objects, and subsequent chapters in Unit 10.