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      Yeah… not going to use a proprietary language. Rust is infinitely superior in this regard.

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        Swift seems nice for what it’s made for, that is, making iOS and OS X applications. There is no compelling reason I’ve seen to use it anywhere else. So it’ll get a lot of use, and there will be lots of books and conferences and whatnot that talk about it, and lots of companies that work with it, but it will be isolated to Apple-centric people, places, and projects. In other words, it’ll be exactly where Objective-C is now.

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          All very true. I am choosing not to use it not out of any practical reason but an ideological one. In other words I am choosing freedom over ease of use. For example, the freedom to use the code I write in it on a different platform.

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            It’ll be interesting to see if Apple at some point opens the language up. There are potential benefits (more people using the language = more input to improve it) but they may not matter to Apple as much as complete control. Until it’s open sourced (or I have an urgent need to make an iOS or OS X application) I’m with you though.