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    So many resources wasted just to track YOU more precisely.

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      I looked at the article as another good thing coming from a company whose business model is doing bad things. Who knows what good things people or companies might do as they make their NTP more precise. I encourage other bad actors to do more good things. :)

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        …another good thing coming from a company whose business model is doing bad things.

        I have never heard a better or more pithy description of it. The other notable example in my mind of a bad company that produces good things is Palantir, and Google naturally does a lot of this as well. Anyone have other examples along this line?

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          Why thank you! :)

          For Facebook, my favorite example is probably Infer. If it works well and gets widespread use, it could prevent a lot of program crashes or hacks that would do who knows what damage. Knock out lots of low-hanging fruit. They also released high-performance versions of PHP and database analytics. Making PHP faster can increase the reach of individuals and small organizations operating their sites on a tight budget or minimal expertise. The analytics innovations might be used for any kind of discovery. Some could benefit lots of people.

          Given Microsoft’s history, patent trolling, and war on their own users, you could add them to the list for whatever F/OSS they make. Recently started using VS Code, their MIT-licensed IDE, to code something up for utilitarian reasons. There’s one, little, ripple effect.

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            I’ll throw in React. When everyone jumped on that bandwagon there was the usual chorus of cheap cynicism about fickle JS programmers, but I’m pretty sure most of those cynics weren’t neck deep in jQuery hell when they made their comments. 6 years later there are only a handful of frameworks in play, and I think React is still the most popular. I am personally still a fan, because I manage a large app that is half jQuery / Backbone / Handlebars and half React / Redux and I know which part is more reliable and easy to reason about. I see it every day. I am very happy that Facebook released React.

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            What good stuff does Palantir do?

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              A fair amount of random open-source infrastructure-y things: https://palantir.github.io/ I know of it because of TSLint, but there’s plenty of other stuff you may or may not care about. I mostly don’t, but it surprised me when I saw it.