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It’s up-and-coming, and already has an official one-day pre-conference event at StrangeLoop: http://www.elm-conf.us/

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    Whenever I post elm articles I usually I just tag them with haskell.

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      Seems like an argument for a separate tag! :-)

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        could argue either way. :)

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      +1 but as an elm-conf organizer I’m a little biased. ;)

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        As an elm-conf organizer, any insight as to the price? $625 for one day is very pricey imho. Is it lack of sponsorship? EDIT: Looks like it is two days, friday and saturday, but still…

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          the $625 is for Strange Loop as well. The ticket to elm-conf is an add-on. We’re colocating with them because there’s no way we could have the conference otherwise.

          • Thursday: elm-conf, all day
          • Friday: Strange Loop
          • Saturday: Strange Loop

          Also we’re paying speaker travel, hotel, and tickets, so that might be one way to save some money. ;)

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            Better late than never, thanks for clarifying this!

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        this might be nice, even if just as a reminder that the article is talking about the contemporary, haskel-ey, web framework and not the email client. (laugh if you must, but the latter is still my default lookup for ‘elm’)

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          Heh, I recently gave a talk at Moonconf on Elm, and my very first slide was subtitled “no, not the mail client”

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            Hehe, I thought I was the only one whose first thought is always the email client.

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            I’d hold off on giving it its own tag.