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    Is there a collection of common Haskell refactorings?

    The list of refactorings in Martin Fowler’s Refactoring book taught me much as a neophyte programmer.

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      Common mechanical things I do:

      • Rename terms
      • Rename types
      • Move terms and types
      • Add field
      • Add constructor
      • Extract functions
      • Inline bindings
      • Extract type aliases
      • Inline type aliases
      • Make type declarations more polymorphic
      • Remove dead code
      • Use laws to simplify expressions
      • Replace conditionals with folds
      • Replace uses of record fields with lenses
      • Replace specific pattern matches with prisms
      • Church-Encode data structures
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        I’m not aware of any, but find Fowler’s philosophy pretty useful even so. Some of them port over pretty easily, like Add Parameter/Remove Parameter, but others will make less sense (Replace Conditional with Polymorphism would probably end up being something like Replace Conditional with HOF).