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Instead of manually adding tags, why not do something like this:

  • Each post can have at most one ‘new’ tag.
  • A tag is no longer ‘new’ when it has had N stories with X upvotes.
  • After a tag is no longer ‘new’, it is the same as any other tag.

Abused tags will be noticed and removed by moderators and the community because by definition, they must be on the front page.

Future directions:

Maybe time delayed automated tag demotion is an option for the future.


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    My concern with allowing automated tag additions is that its a trap for new members. We don’t have the best onboarding experience when it comes to tagging, and adding something like this feels like it may compound the problem.

    A suggestion along these lines that I saw in #lobsters the other day would (from rock if I recall correctly) be to have some kind of trended tag structure. If we shifted over to using tuples like {supertopic, subtopic} to tag every story, we could allow the subtopic to be user specified and keep rules around topicality.