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      I am super excited about the Zuo scripting/automation language for builds.

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      Enhancements include equal-always?, stencil vectors, Windows on Arm64, simultaneous substitutions in Redex, enhancement to the Web Server, LOP build system and many other repairs and changes!

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        Is equal-always? basically an egal? predicate? Having that missing from the language always bugged me.

        Edit: I guess I should just read the release notes for myself. looks like it’s related but not quite the same thing.

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          I think it’s basically egal? but after thinking about all the corner cases for that in Racket. To quote the docs:

          Generally, for to values to be equal-always, corresponding immutable values within v1 and v2 must be equal?, while corresponding mutable values within them must be eq?.

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      Racket has an “equal-always?” primitive that equates values that will stay the same even if mutated.

      This is so fuckin cool. One of those functions that makes you think “huh, why hasn’t anyone else done this before?”

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          Not to mention https://p.hagelb.org/equal-rights-for-functional-objects

          It’s even cooler when it’s the default equality predicate in your language rather than one of seven or twelve or whatever.

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        Pretty sure Julia’s === has this property.