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    Google Domains web domains.google

So apparently Google has their own domain name registrar now. Huh. Neat.


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    Why are we celebrating the further growth of a monopoly, again?

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      Yeah, I had that reaction too. Good for people buying it; bad for people competing with it. Seems to be a running theme with Google nowadays.

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        Going deep in bed with Google, or any such monopoly, may be bad for the people buying in the long term. Might even have externalities like how Google has most of your email even if you host your own server.

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          I have a strong feeling that there’s a considerable market of people who are ready to jump ship from Google and Apple as soon as they hear about a viable alternative that’s a little more reactive to user suggestions and a little friendlier toward developers. These three threads prove that there are quite a few people here on Lobsters waiting for such a thing, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are enough such people in the world that this kind of a product springing up could create a whole new market.

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            Google has most of your email even if you host your own server.

            Can you clarify that bit? What do you mean?

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              Even if you host your own email server, the people you’re corresponding with are probably using gmail, so Google still store a good chunk of the email you send and receive.

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                What Screwtape said. With the culture of top-posting this is just a bit worse than it would have been in the olden days.

                I’ve also understood using encryption with Gmail is really cumbersome, though PGP is a hassle anywhere anyway.

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            …because having multiple market competitors leads to inefficiency and redirects energy towards competition that would better be spent furthering the public interest, of course!


            EDIT: This was very much what early monopolists believed in the beginning of the 20th century. For things like AT&T, they took their .gov-granted monopoly very seriously and worked very hard to help serve the public. Unfortunately, the rise of conglomerates in the 70s and 80s brought monopolists of a different, more amoral, culture and so we see the problems of today.

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              A monopoly is when a single entity supplies a commodity.

              While google controlling everything online might be bad, it is not a monopoly.

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              Google domains has been around for over a year now, hasn’t it?
              I guess now they are just using their own fancy TLD (.google) they bought to host it?

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                Yeah, I wonder how they got the TLD.

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                  icann had a process for companies to buy new gTLDs. As I recall it was something like 180k and required proof of infrastructure to run and manage it. Requirements are outlined in some giant pdfs at: https://newgtlds.icann.org/en/applicants/agb

                  You can see Google’s application here apparently.

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                    ICANN expanded gTLDs and put them up for public-ish sale a few years ago. Since 2012, the number of gTLDs has exploded. Now we have a whole bunch of topical gTLDs like .plumbing or .coffee, and branded gTLDs like .google or .mormon. You can submit your very own gTLD application for the low low price of $185,000.


                    The list of TLDs is staggering these days. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Internet_top-level_domains