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    No new messaging platform founded these days would be anything other than e2e encrypted. (So how is this targeted at ‘ultra- privacy conscious’ consumers?)

    This project appears to be closed source.

    Their marketing says that they promise to not sell your data. I don’t see any attempt to prove that they can’t do so.

    Not impressed!

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      Not sure if you all missed it, but that article is over three years old. It was published on 10/16/2014.

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        The e2e encrypted chat has a subscription model. I wish this were the private communication platform it claims to be. The closest we have now is keybase, which is not optimal either

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          A subscription model itself is not bad. But if they are selling themselves as a private communication network, it’s strange that the only privacy friendly piece is the one that costs extra.

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            I’m interested in your opinion on the deficiencies in keybase. What features would you change or add?

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              If I were to introduce keybase as a communication platform for my less tech interested friends and family, it would have look more like what MeWe looks like. A chat/social network/shared photos.

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            man tim what happened