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This is the weekly thread to discuss what you have done recently and are working on this week.

Please be descriptive and don’t hesitate to champion your accomplishments or ask for help, advice or other guidance.


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    Best friend just arrived on the farm, and he’ll be helping me finish building a pole barn for the farmer’s mother. We got the poles placed, plumb, and braced today, and are going to build trusses and attach lathing tomorrow. We also started an ale/lager split brew, the latter of which went into the neighbour’s cave to ferment. Hops harvest is coming soon, so we’re prepping our custom picker (built last year), and waiting for our accompanying separator to arrive.

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      Using positivity and human connections to boost the self esteem and confidence of others and set others on a positive trajectory. Also walking, lots of walking, and my taijiquan practice!

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        Hello all!

        This last week was settling back in after some time in Indonesia. This next week is about getting a whole lot of things done.

        I did push out a new library, humanize.rs in the last couple of days. Right now, it only does bool, but I’ll be adding more to it in the coming days as I start to use it more.

        I’ve been working out how to start handling RDF in Rust and hope to get started writing some more serious code in that area this week.

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          Adjusting to working with the children in the house on weekdays (summer holidays) which is somewhat more stressful than having the house pretty much to myself whilst working.

          On the technical front, continuing bringing up a replacement server for my virtual machines (via puppet) and migrating websites across to them.

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            This is my last week up at Uni for research over the summer, and I’m presenting at the conference the school puts on for undergraduate research, so that should go well. My main topic for the summer was looking into the ExoGENI platform for networking infrastructure.

            Otherwise, I’m completing the lab build for our CS lab as well as starting a project on collecting a detailed history of our lab through the 15 years it has existed.

            Finally, I have begun reading The Go Programming Language book by Kernigan and Donovan.

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              Back from relatively relaxing two weeks in the US and immediately back on the crazy train. Dealing with a lot of bureaucracy right now. Hopefully I can back plunge into actual work later this week.

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                I have started learning Django Channels. After reading bit of documentation and going through Jacob Kaplan-Moss' tutorial on Heroku, I have started using them in my side project. Man, its so easy to add websockets support to Django now. And fun too!

                So I am working on two things:

                • Live blogger app, like the one you see on sites like The Verge etc when some events are happening and reporters can post live snippets
                • A small twitter clone, I will add messages, notifications and fetching new tweets via websockets

                First app is about 60% done and second one is still in planning stages. Note that these projects are not gonna be production ready or come with fancy features, I am doing just to learn Django Channels and its fun.

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                  • TLSing all the things at work.
                  • Checking out Drone.io 0.5 (not yet released) as an alternative to Jenkins. I think it’s time everyone stopped using Jenkins. What a horrible piece of software.
                  • Playing with Kubernetes 1.3 PetSets and Init Containers: awesome!
                  • Working on a 1.0 release of Yetibot, my Clojure chat bot.
                  • Training for a 50 mile, Labor day weekend mountain bike race in South Dakota.
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                    Started working on implementing PBR in my sanegl library. I cleaned up the code a bit and added automatic normal generation to the library. Also started on a Blinn-Phong BRDF. I have no idea what I’m doing and will probably spend the later parts of this week trying to hack together whatever math I need to know to get more of it working :P

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                      This week other than the usual day job, I will be setting up some self hosted apps on my server, to replace some services where I deleted my account.

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                        Work, work, work.

                        Also: final touches on ticket sales and the speaker mentorship for rustfest.eu.

                        If I find the time, more work on http://laze.rs, so that I get the general K/V interface running. After that, I can start working on implementing CouchDB replication.

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                          Trying to weaponize some text similarity stuff, to get it to scale appropriate for a non-toy volume of data. Working on figuring out all the ways in which Amazon’s Elastic implementation falls over. Toying with the idea of writing a Hamming distance indexer for Postgres, but really, I suspect I’m going to end up with a persistent BK-tree with ~500MM nodes in it.

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                            Spent this last weekend cleaning up and organizing my GitHub projects, and moving one of my sites from a Ghost application on a Debian VM to a Jekyll site on GitHub Pages (it really didn’t need the complexity). Basically getting my proverbial house in order. The next task is turn my personal site into a single (nice) static page, rather than the unnecessary Rust application it is right now.

                            Besides that: tinkering with my main projects: Ruse, Caffrey, and Sagas.

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                              This week I will be:

                              • Making my final decision on which job offer to accept (I’ve got three great opportunities to choose from, so I’m incredibly fortunate in that regard)
                              • Continuing work on my 2D platformer and the lightweight game framework underneath it (built on top of LÖVE)
                              • Continuing work on my tutorial series “Introduction to Programming”
                              • Eventually finishing up documentation on an infrastructure-less (I.e. no wifi router or cell connection required) IoT network stack