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    I try to keep up with technology, but I also wish that announcements like this would at least provide an idea up front of what WirePlumber is, or PipeWire and why it is important that Fedora 35 now ships with this software.

    Doing a quick search:

    WirePlumber: Session / policy manager implementation for PipeWire

    PipeWire: Next-generation cross-desktop audio and video server

    This seems to be some sort of tool to help manage a replacement for PulseAudio and brings yet another sound stack to Linux? I found some more information here: https://pipewire.org

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      This seems to be a common theme with Collabora’s blog posts… “Version X of Foobar Y released” without explaining anything about what it is, why it matters, and how it all fits together with related projects.

      It’s unfortunate because my impression is that Collabora does a lot of interesting work with various open source projects, but their announcements are quite hard to follow.

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        Thanks for the feedback, we’ll try to make our blog posts easier to understand going forward!

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        Take a look at this interview in Fedora Magazine, it answers quite a few questions! https://fedoramagazine.org/wireplumber-the-new-pipewire-session-manager/

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            I’ve been using pipewire for a few months and recently added wireplumber to the mix. It works really well in that I can now just run any audio app - expecting jack or pulse - and they work well.

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              Reposted without typos:

              That’s a fair complaint. To the Pipewire I’d add “that is compatible with previous systems”. It’s pretty important, because instead of being yet another system it allows alsa/pulse/jack/… applications to work exactly as before and you still get the benefits.

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              As mentioned in another reply it’s compatible with all other major sound stacks. But it also handles video devices like webcams so multiple applications can access a single webcam at the same time.