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    Are you using boar, @ac? How does it compare against git-annex? I like the idea of it, but doesn’t look like the project has been worked on much recently.

    The git-annex pages do mention boar, but only briefly: https://git-annex.branchable.com/not/

    “git-annex is also not boar, although it shares many of its goals and characteristics. Boar implements its own version control system, rather than simply embracing and extending git. And while boar supports distributed clones of a repository, it does not support keeping different files in different clones of the same repository, which git-annex does, and is an important feature for large-scale archiving.”

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      I was deciding between boar and git annex, I feel like boar is much simpler, but git annex has more features, I have a feeling if you know git, git annex might be better, but if you don’t know git, boar is simple and powerful.