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    Congrats, Paul. This has been an insane journey so far

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      Thank you! It’s been interesting for sure 😂

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      Thought this was about Dark Basic at first! Interesting project. I got instantly distracted going through all your posts on Rust/F#/OCaml, since all are dear to my heart.

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        Just to double check, is Darklang is still a closed sourced, subscription based platform?

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          It is “source available”, not closed source. The repo is at https://github.com/darklang/dark, and nearly everything is done in the open (minus some security stuff). We have occasional contributors at the moment, some of whom are mentioned at the bottom of the article.

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            Regarding subscription: the intent is to be similar to github or heroku - free for lots of uses, but also there are cloud bills and salaries to pay.

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            Was Darklang the language used to get some team off of Elm and its limitations?

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              We previously migrated off of Elm - that took much less time, about 2 months!