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    So this would produce an app with a .net runtime, a JS runtime/Chromium and a node.js runtime? If so, that seems a little excessive to me.

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      This is crazy. I’m just happy that I’m a spiral theory of history believer and hope this soon will go away back to compiled languages with portable GUIs.

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        It would, and that certainly won’t be as performant as a native app. There are other use cases for it though. It allows calling .NET code from Node and vice-versa, so there might be no-UI related situations where it still might be useful.

        I named it ElectronCGI because I imagine that’s what most people would be interested in using it for since .NET Core is cross platform but there’s no easy way to create cross-plat GUIs with it.

        There are also other “lighter” alternatives to Electron that would work with this, for example DeskGap (https://deskgap.com/) however I haven’t had time to try it out yet.

        Also, in theory it would be possible to use Blazor with this and have nearly 100% .NET code for a cross plat GUI application, and that (I imagine) is appealing for that crowd.

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        How come after so many years, cross-platform .Net GUI still isn’t a thing?